The Elegant Universe

Well, this show is going to become an addiction. I adore Aaron Sorkin but I’d heard a lot of snark from reviews and online journalists which I’m pretty much going to ignore from now on. 

Sorkin isn’t about accuracy but telling a good story and he’s given us some fabulous characters to watch. Not to mention his always recurring theme of men who are good at what they do eventually risking it all to become GREAT in every sense of the word. i.e. Caffey in A Few Good Men, Sheppard in American President, Jed Bartlet in West Wing, and Matt & Danny on Studio 60 (to name a few lol) 

There are a few eyeroll moments, but that’s not from the writing but what he is writing about - namely the utter disengagement and down right stupidity of the American people. Who in their right mind asks the question, without a sense or irony, “what makes America so great?” It’s a fabulous starting point because Will MacAvoy rejects the premise of the question, because we should ALWAYS reject that type of premise. 

Also, I love Mackenzie. I don’t need to list out any reasons, her British accent is enough. :)

And I hate Don. We’ll see if that changes but I doubt it. 

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